Meals To Heal

During challenging times we all need to come together as a community to help those in need. Meals to Heal is a way to give a good meal to a family that is having a challenging time, recently unemployed or struggling to make ends meet.

What We're About

Who We Are

 We are a group of local compassionate citizens who wish to help those who are in need within our community. We are comprised of chefs, entrepreneurs, and volunteers.

Our Goals


Our goal is to provide nutritious, made from scratch meals to families who are in need. Making healthy dinners can be both a financial and time burden for the modern family. We want to help alleviate the burden for those who are already facing challenges. 

We believe that serving wholesome meals to a family in need provide many benefits such as: improved moods, better cognitive functions, improved school performance, strong bones, strong teeth, and reduced risks of diseases.

We believe that alleviating the burden of time creates opportunities for family time. When families take time to eat together the results are: improved school performance, higher self-esteem, decreased risk of teenage pregnancy, depression, obesity, substance abuse, and provides greater sense of resilience. 

We believe that providing wholesome meals lifts the community.